your classroom in the cloud. easyTM
Using Office365, SharePoint Online & Office Online to create a seamless assignment process, in the cloud.

cloudclassroom is an Office365 app which helps you get the best out of your classroom

All you need to know about cloudclassroom

cloudclassroom is your all in one assignment tool in Office 365. Create your classroom and add students to your class before assigning them their own work which you can monitor, comment and provide feedback.


Quickly create your classroom in the cloud and work with students in and outside of the classroom with ease.


Assign students work and use the features of Office Online in Office 365 to see where they are working in real time.


Leave comments on their work while they are working or as a review once the assignment is complete before giving a final mark is given.


Share class material using OneNote while students can take any notes from the class in their personal Notebook all accessible in the browser.

Office 365 Education is free & so is cloudclassroom!
Office 365 Education is free and so is cloudclassroom. We take all the great features of Office 365 and bring them to you in an education context for you to us in your classroom with students. Read more.

All you need to know about cloudclassroom

Read, watch and learn about cloudclassroom from our range of Sways and Office Mixes ranging from Creating a Classroom, Assigning Work and uses of OneNote in your classroom. Let us know of others you may want.
The perfect online solution for your school
SharePoint in Office 365 allows us to do many thing and being able to integrate Cloud Classroom allows you to get the best of the cloud solutions such as Workflows and Office Online. Read more.

Need some cloudclassroom support?

Contact our free support desk or buy into our Premium Support for an agreed SLA and get faster response, fixes and work with the BFC Networks team to add the next feature to cloudclassroom.
How much does cloudclassroom cost?
It's FREE, cloudclassroom is FREE. You can download it from the Office Store now and add it to your Office 365 Education.
Is it really free?
Yes, honestly it’s FREE. We have made this available as a freemium licensing and will soon be announcing some premium features that we hope you will want which will help with the future developments of cloudclassroom as a free offering.
What are the premium features?
At the moment we are offering premium support on an agreed SLA but we will soon be adding reporting apps and integration with other Office 365 features. However you don’t need to buy anything to use cloudclassroom.
What is the next free addition to cloudclassroom?
We want to make it easier for students and teachers to navigate to their class. In the coming months we will be releasing a Windows 8 App which will navigate you directly to your class.
Keeping notes for your class to view
One of the best educational tools around is fully integrated with cloudclassroom allowing you to share class notes in the browser but also add handwriting & audio commentary on the work required by the students. Read more.
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your classroom in the cloud. easyTM